Who are Frankie and Darling?

I wanted to name the shop “Frankie & Darling’s” as a tribute to my parents. They were terrific people who gave so much of themselves to their family, friends, and community. They always supported me and believed I could do anything. My mom encouraged me to bake and I have many memories of us baking together for the holidays and giving out cookie trays as Christmas gifts to neighbors and friends. I have continued this tradition with my own family, friends, and neighbors even after I moved away from home. But no matter how far I get away in terms of years or miles, I can always thank my parents for their incredible support, a great family tradition, and some fantastic recipes!

Our shop name


…Hi, I'm Donna, and this is Frankie and Darling, my parents. Their real names are Frank and Arline, but this changed for a time when a sweet young family moved in behind us back in the ‘70’s. Our friendship started with lots of babysitting and then they really became part of our family. When their oldest son was about two years old, he would hear his parents talk about “Frank and Arline.” In his little head, though, this translated to “Frankie and Darling” and that’s what he started calling my parents. My mom melted on the spot the first time he said that and she was not about to tell this little blue-eyed, blonde-headed angel to stop calling her “Darling”!