Construction - Weeks 6 and 7

We're at the peak of the roller coaster!

Construction has been a real roller coaster ride as we race toward the station (i.e., opening the shop). Lots of ups and downs and twists and turns, but overall lots of fun!

Week 6, lots of work went into prepping and painting the walls. More progress was made in the bathroom. As expected, these changes were difficult to capture in photos, so not much to see here.

Week 7, while we waited on kitchen equipment to arrive, the rest of the project continued to zoom forward, resulting in dramatic changes. Each bit of new paint we saw made the previous colors look mild. Our first views of the cabinetry were shocking as we took in the vibrant colors which we had selected based on our logo design.

We kept telling ourselves, "Things will look better as it all comes together." Sure enough, when the lighting was installed it brought that needed warmth to the dining area. We are very pleased with the way the lighting turned out.

We think we're at the peak of that last hill right before we drop into opening. Right now we think we will open by mid-December if all continues as scheduled!

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